Young Directors Training Programme


The Programme

StoneCrabs is a director-led company: its interest in nurturing new directors from all sectors of the community fuels this programme. Each year a small number of young directors go through training programme centred around production, project management and theatre directing. It introduces artistic and practical management tools for the director and encourages an individual approach, utilizing the director’s own vision. At the end of the programme, the participants put their training into practice by producing a festival with professional actors, each participant directing a play of their choice. This popular Programme has been running since 2006.


Why should you participate?

Previous years

  • Playdoh: Young Directors Festival 2021
  • Young Directors 2016-2017 (Stomping Ground)
  • SCYD 2015-2016 (Headways)
    SCYD 2015-2016(Headways)
  • Gobstoppers - Stonecrabs Young Directors' Festival
  • SCYD 2013-2014 (Playground and Playground 2)
  • SCYD 2011-2012 (Playthings)
    SCYD 2011-2012 (Playthings)
  • SCYD 2006-2007
    SCYD 2006-2007 (StoneCrabs Young Directors Festival)
  • SCYD 2007-2008(Stop!)
    SCYD 2007-2008 (Stop!)
  • SCYD 2008-2009 (Makers of Theatre & 00:13)
    SCYD 2008-2009 (Makers of Theatre & 00:13)
  • SCYD 2009-2010
    SCYD 2009-2010 (Changing Direction)
  • SCYD 2010-2011 (Shouts & Murmurs)
    SCYD 2010-2011 (Shouts & Murmurs)

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Award winners here.

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