Our Past Productions

Untold world stories through physicality, charged word and strong theatre imagery at the highest standards.
  • H.D.A (Work In Progress)
  • The Trial
  • ‘Some Kind of Love Story’
  • Busu & The Damask Drum by Yukio Mishima
  • Ashita No Kaze / Winds of Change
  • Namibia, Não! Uk
  • Kitchen By Gaël Le Cornec
  • Luna Park
  • Philipp Löhle’s Das Ding
  • Skin in Flames by Guillem Clua
  • The Decorator - O Decorador
  • The Burial, 2013
    The Burial, by Bola Agbaje
  • A Mother’s Will
  • The Asphalt Kiss
  • Queen Pokou
  • Charity Wars
    Charity Wars
  • Yukio Mishima double bill: Hanjo & Hell Screen
    A Yukio Mishima Double Bill: Hanjo & Hell Screen
  • After Doroteia, 2009
    After Doroteia
  • All Nudity Shall Be Punished by Nelson Rodrigues
  • Basic
  • Our Lady Of The Drowned
    Our Lady of The Drowned / Senhora dos Afogados
  • Waltz # 6
  • Josephine The Singer
    “Josephine; the Singer” based on Franz Kafka’s short story
  • Miss Julie
  • Arlechinno, A Servant Of Two Masters
    Carlo Goldoni’s Arlechinno, A Servant Of Two Masters
  • Yukio Mishima’s “The Damask Drum”
  • Yukio Mishima’s “Sotoba Komachi”
  • The Country
  • A Real Princess
    A Real Princess
  • Agua Viva
    Agua Viva
  • StoneCrabs, A Domestic Story of Violence, Vitriol and Victory
    Stone Crabs, A Domestic Story Of Violence, Vitriol and Victory

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