Fear and obsession, the pervasive presence of death, sex, money and power reigns in this Nelson Rodrigues play. A father under austere sexual restrain, a Mephistophelian brother that exposes society’s rotten moral codes, a son that talks to his dead mother, the virgin aunts, guardians of the law. All Nudity is a fast moving play, a quirky exploration of modern society’s fears and obsessions. Can Rodrigues’ characters free themselves from savage humanity through forgiveness and death?

All Nudity Shall Be Punished © Stagephoto

“A poignant and superbly paced piece of drama, in a setting so intimate that the audience is truly able to feel every cry of despair, All Nudity Shall Be Punished surely takes some beating.” – Sam Smith – Observer

“Set in Rio De Janeiro in the 50’s Nelson Rodrigues’ darkly humorous drama is a captivating night out at the theatre.” – Sky Crawford (Fringe Review) ****

“All Nudity Shall Be Punished is a 43 year old play from a different time and country and yet StoneCrabs Theatre have managed to channel these ideas to keep it current and as a result this play successfully uses a diverse and multicultural cast to challenge its audience and remain contemporary.” – Sky Crawford (Fringe Review) ****

“Finely ground Pungent Brazilian Roast…” – by Chris Bearne (Remote Goat) ****

“All Nudity Shall Be Punished reflects StoneCrabs Theatre’s ambitious and creative drive as a company that seeks to create challenging theatre with a strong emphasis on cultural diversity.” – Fiona Lloyd for Extra Extra

“The clean elegance of StoneCrabs Theatre’s earlier Rodrigues revivals is beautifully in evidence on the Union’s stage, under the incisive eye of director Kwong Loke. Ruth Posner and Laura Arantes are superbly cast as the vituperative aunts, eking precious comedy from their arid coupling…There’s much to admire in this bold, poetic staging…” – Lucy Powell – TIME OUT

“The intimate setting of the Union Theatre perfectly supports this important play and powerful piece of theatre.” – Gerard J McNally – Whatsonstage.com

Directed by Kwong Loke

Assistant Director: Victor Esses

Cast: Laura Arantes; Natan Barreto; Tyron James; Najila Kay; Patrick Ross & Ruth Posner

Set & Costume Designer: Ryszard Andrzejewski

Lighting Designer: Steve Miller

Music Designer: Gustavo Torelly

Graphic Designer: James Scott

This production was presented in association with the Union Theatre and supported by the Embassy of Brazil in London and the Mercers Charitable Trust.