Charity Wars brings a high-quality mix of impressionism and satire. This is a great political farce, fast- paced and brilliantly inventive. You will be plunged into a world of furious chaos which is quite literally a RIOT! Charity Wars takes live theatre back to its inventive and ingenious roots.

Charity Wars, 2007 © Jack Mcnemara

Joanie, the ambiguous Marketing Director of an International Charity, gambles too much on winning power. Other charities counter-attack and war breaks out between them. When fighting spreads to Africa, her enemies close in and Joanie faces disaster.

“… thought-provoking and hilarious.” – Brendan Simms, Social Affairs Unit

“Charity Wars is a pacy, versatile and witty production”- Robert Shore, Time Out

Written by Richard Cussands

Directed by Natascha Metherell
Cast: Georgie Carey; Jayne Dickinson; Rebecca Gross; Daniel Gosling & Mathew Pearson
Set & Costume Designer: Richard Andrzejewski
Lighting Designer: Ian Saunders
Sound Designer: Dinah Mullen
Assistant Designer: Paron Mead
Stage Management: Amy Griffin
Charity Wars was presented at The Pleasance Theatre and supported by the Marina Kleinwort Trust