Swinging Sixties. The Girl From Ipanema is sunbathing at the beach; in the apartment across the road, 40 year old Marcia is in a very difficult position: Jane, the wife of her lover, turns up on her doorstep. Jane has come with the express purpose of taking her revenge by telling Marcia’s husband of his wife’s infidelity.

Marcia is at her wits end until she has a brilliant idea. It seems that her house decorator is a part-time actor and so Marcia hires him to impersonate her husband when the wronged wife plans to spill the beans.

‘The Decorator, 2013 © John Fendt

“The decorator is a hilarious farse” – culturart.co.uk

“The wackiness of The Decorator is just the ticket for a fun evening out” – everythingtheatre

“Brasileiramente divertida. Britanicamente engraçada. Para gargalhar” – The Brazilian Post

“Excellente texto, fantástica atuações e ótima direção” – Brazilian News


Art & creatives interview on www.canallondres.tv

Written by Donald Churchill

Translated and directed by Franko Figueiredo

Design by Lu Firth

Cast: Tereza Araujo, Maria Alencar and Marcio Mello

The production was presented at The Space Arts Centre and The Windmill/Colourhouse Theatre in 2013 and supported by Katavento Restaurant, Geleia Cultural, Brasil Observer and Culturart.