Devised theatre piece that tells a simple but powerful and emotional story of a young couple in a spiral of hatred, violence and love. The text in English and Portuguese was scripted by Tereza Araujo, Franko Figueiredo and John Heyd and inspired by interviews with victims of domestic violence. In this intimate but powerful performance the audience witness to the force, fury and vulnerability of the characters. Later the company became known by the title of the production.

franko and tereza large

Tereza Araujo & Franko Figueiredo (StoneCrabs, A Domestic Story of Violence, Vitriol & Victory) – photo: Julia Evangelista

“excellent…powerful” – Andrew Richardson, Metro

“Theatre which can draw such feeling from an audience simple cries out to be seen. So go and see it!” – Three Weeks – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“Thought-provoking” – Barbara Lewis, The Stage

Written and Directed by Franko Figueiredo
Cast: Tereza Araujo, Najlla Kay; Monica Ube; Jonathan Preiss
Design & Lighting: John Heyd

Originally performed in Franko Figueiredo’s home in South East London as promenade theatre and supported by Lewisham Arts Fund.  The piece later toured the UK, including The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.