‘The Trial’

an interactive play about identity, equality and justice.
Come play jury!


Inês Sampaio

‘The Trial’ is part stand-up & part gig, interactive storytelling

‘The Trial’ is part stand-up & part gig, interactive storytelling by Franko Figueiredo & Inês Sampaio. ‘The Trial’ questions gender constructions in the 21st century. Can we reject authority, and live & love in a different way?

This hyper theatrical performance loosely is inspired on ‘Tieta do Agreste’, a novel by Jorge Amado.

Donning musical instruments, a microphone and a loop-pedal, Inês Sampaio invites the audience to join her on a journey of questioning, growth and discovery, be unprejudiced witnesses and play jury to her story.

★★★★★ “Sharp, radiant and engaging” – BN1 Magazine

★★★★★ – “Outstanding” – Traspi.net

           ★★★★ “infectious energy throughout” – London Pub Theatre Magazine

      ★★★★ “captivates, educates and entertains” – DIVA Magazine

How far have we come to shed our prejudices on gender and sexuality?

When setting out to tell the tale of Tieta, a young person who is shunned from his small town for being queer and return as a transwoman and millionaire, turning the town upside down, the storyteller is confronted with our current notions of true self: how far have we come to shed our prejudices on gender and sexuality? How much are we still being influence by Newtonian & Darwinian views of Life? Why, in this 21st century, are we still shackled to tyrannosaurian views of gender, self, and self in society?

“thoroughly life affirming” – Ventnor Fringe Review

This is the Trial and you are the Jury

The Trial highlights issues that are still as current and problematic today, ranging from poverty, wealth and greed to social exclusion and equality Is prejudice induced by religion? Are human beings inherently born to yield to acts of corruption? What causes this? Necessity? Greed? How aware are we of the damage caused by our small actions? And if we are aware, are we just compassion fatigued?

The storyteller and the main character impetuous and questioning spirit shine brightly. The audience will be actively provoked and asked to make choices that will influence and change the story which, in theatre’s true fashion, will be different every night.

“brilliant”, “a tour de force”, “sterling performance from Sampaio”, “spellbinding” – audience comments


Performed by Inês SampaioAdapted and Directed by Franko Figueiredo, with text by Franko Figueiredo, Inês Sampaio and Almiro Andrade. 

Dramaturgy, Directorial Assistance  by Almiro Andrade

Funded by the Arts Council of England, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, The LondonSchool Trust

Sponsored by AspectPlus

In Partnership with Ask Accountants, UK Base Property and Da Silva Hair & Beauty 

‘The Trial’ started as a research and development project (Tieta) conceived and produced by Franko Figueiredo in association with StoneCrabs Theatre, Lawrence Batley Theatre and The Swan, Dobcross.  It was presented as a rehearsed reading at Lawrence Batley Theatre on 10 July 2015 and as a scratch performance at the Swan Dobcross on 19 July 2016.