Obsession, Beauty, Murder and Betrayal, the perfect tabloid story.
As a pedestrian hit by a bus lies dying on a Rio street, a passer-by, Arandir, stops to cradle him in his arms. He kisses him on the lips – a last request from the dying man as a parting gesture of human solidarity.
The scene is witnessed by an unscrupulous reporter who turns the compassionate act into salacious front-page news. Tabloid journalism spins into overdrive, and Arandir’s life is torn apart as his friends and family slowly turn against him.

The Asphalt kiss, 2012 © John Fendt

“timeless, subversive and universal.” – Jungle Drums Magazine

“Franko Figueiredo has produced a play with ultimate stamina as a great work of art, and of which the Brazilian actors can be justly proud of bringing to the attention of Londoners in such a shoestring but arresting production.” – Space

Director: Franko Figueiredo

Designer: Valerie Kaneko-Lucas

Lighting Designer: Derek Carlyle

Sound Designer: Dinah Mullen

Photography by Jon Fendt

Cast: Tereza Araujo, Ronaldo Borges, Diogo Sales Brito, Terri-Ann Brumby, Gael Le Cornec; Karlina

Grace, Sapphire Joy and Marcio Mello.

The production was presented in association with New Diorama Theatre as part of Nelson Rodrigues Centennial celebrations and supported by Regents University London and Yvette Francis.