On being told that it’s time she settles down and marries a Prince. Storytelling, song, dance and acrobatics! StoneCrabs presented a show full of visual excitement in which it’s multi-cultural, multi-skilled performers take you on a worldwide, whirlwind tour of fairy stories, and let you the audience decide the happy ending. Now who needs Cinderella?

A Real Princess, 2003 © Sally Francis

“An ambitious, fantastic cross-cultural production that updates treatment of fairy tales” – Natalie Stahelin – Londoneasy

Written and Directed by Franko Figueiredo
Cast:Annette Fiaschi; Nick Goode; Cristiane Guerrera; Belinda Hoare; Ecco Shirasaka; Mayo Yanachi
Designer: Lu Firth
Music: Matty Burgass
Photography: Sally Francis
Stage Manager: Becky Schultz

A Real Princess was part of International Women’s Festival 2003 and toured The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Primary Schools in South East London (Southwark & Lewisham).  It was produced in partnership with Blue Elephant Theatre and Creative Minds and supported by Lewisham Arts and Local Network Fund.