Miss Julie is the daughter of the count, a young woman rebelling against her standing in 1880s society. When Julie encounters Jean, her father’s footman during the midsummer party there is a spark of interest between Julie and Jean, who begins a class match of sexual and class politics that will obliterate all barriers between them… and create new ones as each strives for the upper hand, lashes out and struggles with their self-image and place in society.

Miss Julie, 2005 ©  Elena Machado

“…marry that with powerful performances and inspired direction and this fantastic tragedy is a viewing delight.”
– Anneka Dove, The New York Times

“…StoneCrabs’ production of Miss Julie goes refreshingly against the grain.”
– Patrick Hayes, Culture War

Directed by Franko Figueiredo & Natascha Metherell
Cast: Abigail Hubbert; Antony Jardine and Davies Grey
Designer: Lu Firth
Scenic Artist Designer: Anna Cottray
Lighting Designer: Thomas White
Sound Designer: Dinah Mullen
Production Assistant: Lauren Graham & Tereza Araujo
Prop Maker: Yoko Terashima
Sentiero Production & Event Management: Nafeesah Butt & Dominique Pierre-Louis

Miss Julie was presented at Greenwich Playhouse and supported by The Swedish Cultural Institute, Southeastern Trains and Babur Brasserie.