In an ethereal world haunted by the melody of Chopin’s Waltz No 6, a young woman is caught somewhere on the edges of death and dreams. Her detached and confusing memories are slowly revealed as the story throws the audience continually back and forth between innocence and disturbance. A detached and hollow world combined with a chilling reality and a mixture of humour, sexuality and violence. StoneCrabs is the first theatre company that has brought the work of Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues to the British Stage.

Najlla Kay (Waltz # 6) – © Marian Alonso

“Brazilian Magic” – Lucy Powell, Time Out

“Stonecrabs delivers a production which is full of wit, elegance and intelligence” – Sam Marlowe – The Times

“An impeccable theatrical thriller” – Lucy Powell – Time Out (Critic’s Choice)

“StoneCrabs director Franko Figueiredo delivers an innovative and adventurous rollercoaster [Waltz # 6] captured in a masterly and surreal production” – Kentish Times

“With Waltz, Franko Figueiredo presents a tightly choreographed production of a wonderful play, the first to be produced in England, but hopefully not the last” – Lucy Powell – Time Out


Directed by Franko Figueiredo

Assistant Director: Tereza Araujo
Performed by Najlla Kay
Set Designer: Richard Andrzejewski
Costume Designer: Lu Firth,
Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom
Sound Designer: Dinah Mullen.
Production Management by Amalgam Management
Waltz #6 was presented at the Greenwich Playhouse with support of The Embassy of Brazil in London, Friends of Latin American Expression, Dockland Light Railway and Southeastern Trains .