StoneCrabs produces new and international untold stories through physicality, charged word and strong imagery at the highest standards. The company was based in London (The Albany) until 2015 and has since been creating work from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

We are particularly interested in developing new work, be it new writing or translations, and supporting the development of the next generation of THEATRE MAKERS.

Drawing upon the creativity of artists and writers of many cultures, we seek to create a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of the society in which we live, making theatre beyond borders.

The name of the company, StoneCrabs is derived from its first performance in 2000 on the theme of domestic violence, StoneCrabs, a Story of Violence, Vitriol and Victory. This was the fruit of the joint forces of Tereza Araujo, Franko Figueiredo and John Heyd. In devising their first project, they used improvisations and various theatre techniques in order to present a combination of social issues, performance and Brazilian verve. The result was not only extremely stimulating theatre, but at the same time an entertaining and provoking experience. Since then, StoneCrabs has gone on to build up a strong body of theatre productions in the London fringe circuit and continues its significant community work, engaging especially with social health and integration issues.

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*Stone crab (Latin name menippe mercenaria), also called “moro” or “morro” crab, the stone crab loses its limbs easily to escape from predators or tight spaces, but their limbs will grow back. When a claw is broken such that the diaphragm at the body/claw joint is left intact, the wound will quickly heal itself and very little blood is lost. If, however, the claw is broken in the wrong place, more blood is lost and the crab’s chances of survival are much lower. Each time the crab molts, the new claw grows larger.

StoneCrabs’ activities have three strands: Annual theatre productions; Engagement & participation of young people and the community in projects celebrating cultural diversity; Development projects, such as our training programme for young directors.

These three strands interact with and support each other.

The planning and implementation of this policy is guided by our vision, mission and values.

  • VISION: StoneCrabs aims to be the best theatre company creating vibrant theatre productions and educational projects which draw upon traditions and contemporary life from around the world.
  • MISSION: StoneCrabs has a mission to enrich people’s lives through making theatre. Its aim is to NOURISH, to INSPIRE and to CHALLENGE.
  • VALUES: Respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality.  StoneCrabs believes in the importance of theatre as a means of integrating the community through promoting intercultural understanding; nurturing an interest in the arts in young people through participation; working with those who are disadvantaged and promoting cultural diversity and exchange.

StoneCrabs’ ethos is based on Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed” and promotes creative co-operation, in which artists and participants work together.

Creative Team

  • Artistic Director – Franko Figueiredo
  • Artistic Director – Kwong Loke
  • Associate Director / Community and Education Projects – Tereza Araujo
  • Associate Directors – Mariana Pereira and Gael Le Cornec
  • Artistic Associates – Bola Agbaje, Ellie Chadwick, Chris O’Donnell, Vera Janke, Hattie Coupe, Ferghal Crawley and Silvia Ayguade
  • Project Development & Fundraising – Athina Fokidou
  • Associate Producer/Director – Tanja Pagnuco

Development Committee

  • Cara Anderson  – Chair
  • Kwong Loke – Secretary
  • Lance Crawford – Treasurer
  • Annette Bullen – Trustee
  • Tereza Araújo – Trustee
  • Almiro Andrade  – Trustee
  • Ana Toledo – Trustee
  • Nick Howe – Trustee