50/50 Feminine Image was an art and drama installation under the theme of ‘What does it mean to be a woman today?’ as part of Lewisham International Women’s Week Festival.

50/50 Feminine Image

More than just celebrating ordinary women as makers of history, the project encouraged participants to develop the theme creatively without losing the social-political thread of how we value women and how much has changed the role of women in our current society.

100 community members (50 men and 50 women) were interviewed providing the project with ‘oral history’ material for the body of work for the workshops and the creation of the installation. This exercise raised awareness and understanding of the issues deemed important to the lives of women in our community.

The project was lead by Tereza Araujo together with a working group of 20 women from the local community, representative of various backgrounds. The project utilised cross arts community techniques to promote social and cultural exchanges. The workshops aided the transformation of participant’s experiences and interview responses into an art installation.