As a StoneCrabs Trustee it is always a pleasure to be able to call in and visit the company’s office at The Albany for a catch up on the team and the projects. As I was born and brought up in South London, it’s a very special feeling for me to walk through the busy streets of Deptford, jammed packed with stalls and all the beautiful hustle and bustle that goes with market day, in such a colourful and culturally diverse community. The experience is always a powerful reminder of my London roots and my great pride in being involved as a Trustee with StoneCrabs.

The Brasiliance Team and Performers at Brasiliance Day at Deptford Lounge

The Brasiliance Team and Performers at Brasiliance Day at Deptford Lounge

On arrival at the company’s small and compact office (very eye-catching with posters and promo material everywhere), Franko (the Co- Artistic Director) appears, and is quickly out of his seat to greet me with his distinctive smile and warm embrace, before introducing me to Hattie, a Young Director who is busy on a computer working on Kitchen, the company’s new production which forms part of StoneCrabs’ Brasiliance Heritage Lottery Project. Within minutes, with a cup of tea and biscuits in hand, I’m listening to Franko giving me an update on the complex work he is undertaking on Brasiliance. I gaze thoughtfully at a huge hand-drawn flow diagram of events and activities planned for Brasiliance Weekend at Rich Mix on 5th and 6th July – comprising Brazilian Arts, Music, Theatre and a scratch performance of a new play Kitchen by Gael Le Cornec. This flow diagram beats the London Underground map hands down for interest and complexity! It is such a huge amount of work for a small-scale theatre company with limited resources, and it’s not long before I’m offering StoneCrabs some of my time to help out in any way that I can with advance preparations!

StoneCrabs Young Directors 2014 in rehearsal with Co-Artistic Directer Kwong Loke-

StoneCrabs Young Directors 2014 in rehearsal with Co-Artistic Directer Kwong Loke-

For me, these informal visits to the company base are very different but no less significant or important experiences than board meetings. I enjoy contributing to the formal business undertaken at quarterly Board meetings where, as Trustees, we make decisions on a wide range of matters including Artistic Development, Finance, Company Management and Governance. I always look forward to attending StoneCrabs’ projects and theatre productions – to be part of celebrating cultural diversity and Brazilian heritage through StoneCrabs’ exciting work whilst enjoying the role of being an Ambassador and advocate of the company and its work is simply just great.

'Asphalt Kiss' at The New Diorama 2012

‘Asphalt Kiss’ at The New Diorama 2012

I am one of five trustees who are members of StoneCrabs’ Board. We are responsible for making sure StoneCrabs is doing what it was set up to do and to lead the charity and decide how it is run. Each one of us comes from a different background and supports the Charity with our own expertise. On the Board we have an Accountant, a Lawyer, an Actor, a Fundraiser and me, a Lecturer who previously worked in the Arts as a Programmer and General Manager. We are currently seeking other Trustees with expertise in the fields of Marketing and IT, so that we can fully support StoneCrabs to continue doing the excellent work they do.

'The Burial'  by Bola Agbaje at The Albany 2013

‘The Burial’ by Bola Agbaje at The Albany 2013

Most Trustees don’t get paid for their role, we perform our duties as Volunteers, acting out of the desire to help people and make positive changes in their lives. Volunteering as a Trustee for StoneCrabs is not only rewarding and enjoyable, but also fulfilling and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy being a StoneCrabs Trustee and would encourage anyone with an interest in the Arts to become one also.

Cara Anderson

StoneCrabs Theatre Company Trustee

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