From 2009 and 2010 we embarked in a partnership with Catch22 and Silwood Integrated Youth Support Services (IYSS) where we delivered workshops and explored the idea for a story that came directly from the participants on the theme of choices and their consequences.

And Wat?

The Senior Actors were supported by our resident writer Mez Ndukwe to develop a script based on their input. The Junior Actors devised their piece around the same theme, inspired by the Directors’ research into the bombing of a primary school in the 1940s. The groups rehearsed and devised further ideas and scenes in the workshops. Young people on the stage and backstage worked hard to produce two shocking stories, one of which, unfortunately, still mirrors the lives of many young people in London and in the UK. We have had a wonderful creative journey with the young people and the successful final show was proof of their amazing talent!

And Wat?

A summer’s day. Fun in the park. So what can go horribly wrong?

It’s the height of Summer. Grimey is back in London having exiled himself to Manchester to get away from trouble. Leon is having a bad day, his mother is threatening to send him back to Nigeria to learn some much needed respect. When a group of friends gather in a South London park to chase girls and play football, an unexpected encounter leads to disastrous consequences.

Performed by the Junior and Senior Young Actors Companies

Written by Meziem Ndukwe from an idea by the Young Actors company

Directed by Sebastian Constantine, Danielle Constantine and Gail Babb

The project was supported by BBC Children in Need and Positive Action Fund.