We are looking for an Assistant Director!

The Assistant Director will be supporting Co-Directors Selwin Hulme-Teague and Robyn Lexi in a collaborative rehearsal process involving four actor-musicians and a large community ensemble. 

We are looking for a versatile Assistant Director who has relevant skills and experience to support the rehearsals, previews and performances of a multi-disciplinary show that combines music, movement and naturalistic dialogue. The Assistant Director will play a key role in managing the community ensemble in both London and the Isle of Wight. They will also be responsible for noting the show in the Directors’ absence in both London and the Isle of Wight.

Due to the themes of the play, we are particularly interested in hearing from applicants who identify as LGBTQIA+.  


When a Gen Z playwright learns about the life of 1920’s rebellious force, Joe Carstairs, they can’t help but notice parallels in their own identity. A highly-charged fusion of movement, words, and music that brings one of the 20th century’s boldest queer figures into sharp relief. This play confronts cis-heteronormativity head-on, delving into the intersections of gender, sexuality, and class. Carstairs looks at the complexities of being socialised as a woman and how genderqueerness can call into question your relationship to womanhood, lesbianism, and society as a whole.  Read more about the production here.

Key Responsibilities
  • Read and study the play; discuss the interpretation and production concept with the Directors.
  • Assist the director in the rehearsal room, supporting rehearsals, conducting  research, supervising rehearsal, when required.
  • Attending production meetings 
  • Understand the vision and intention of the production and identify opportunities to enrich it as the production is made.
  • Assist the Directors as needed. Attend all rehearsals, taking notes and actively watching and listening, representing the audience in the room. Communicate regularly with the Director regarding the progress of the production.
  • Support the Directors as they block scenes and movement sequences involving the community ensemble and document their staging to be delivered to a new ensemble in the Isle of Wight.
  • Together with Production Manager and Stage Manager, support/oversee touring logistics especially in terms of creative considerations 
  • Together with the Stage Manager maintain the quality of the productions both at home and on tour. Watching/supporting the show during run (7 perf a week), supporting Stage Manage with show reports and, where appropriate, give notes to the acting/productionl company.
  • Noting the actors as necessary 
  • Updating the directors and creative team as necessary
  • Supervising warm ups  
  • Liaising with partner venues, as and when necessary
  • Supporting the directors during technical rehearsal, and taking responsibility for elements of technical rehearsals if required 
  • Liaising with designers and production teams as and when required
  • Make notes for the Director as instructed during the rehearsal period and tech. Share these notes with the Director who may communicate them to the cast and/or crew.
  • Support the well-being and morale of the acting company and share any concerns directly as they arise.
Person Specification


  • At least one professional Assistant Director or Director credit 
  • Experience in managing a large group of performers
  • Highly organised, confident, flexible, calm and approachable.
  • A passion for queer stories
  • Willingness to be collaborative


  • Experience in movement direction
  • Experience in music
To apply

please send a CV and a short cover letter (no more than 500 words) to recruitment@stonecrabs.co.uk by 12 April 

Key dates:

Interviews will be held over zoom on Wed, 17 April. 


6 May to 31 May 2024

London Run:

Get In: 2 June 2024

Tech / Plot : 3 June 2024

Dress and 1st Preview: 4 June

2nd Preview: 5 June 2024

Press night: 6 June 2024

Run: 4 – 22 June 2024 (inc Sat matinees)

Get out: 22 June 2024 (after last show)

Isle of Wight Run:

Get in + Tech + 3 shows: 2 July to 5 July 2024

Get out: 5 July 2024 (after last show)


This is an opportunity for an early career theatre maker/director wanting to gain further hands on experience. This professionally produced play will headline the high-profile 96 Festival.   Entry level @ £350 per week = £18,200pa pro rata