When a Gen Z playwright learns about the life of 1920’s rebellious force, Joe Carstairs, they can’t help but notice parallels in their own identity. A highly-charged fusion of movement, words, and music that brings one of the 20th century’s boldest queer figures into sharp relief.

This play confronts cis-heteronormativity head-on, delving into the intersections of gender, sexuality, and class. Carstairs looks at the complexities of being socialised as a woman and how genderqueerness can call into question your relationship to womanhood, lesbianism, and society as a whole.


This is a PAID opportunity for LGBTQIA+ performers for a 4-week rehearsals, a 3-week London run and a 3-night run on the Isle of Wight – looking for actor-musicians for the following roles: 

  • Role 1

Hik – They/Them

Early/mid 20s – A struggling working class non-binary writer. Opinionated, smart, if a little lost and insecure. Exists in the modern day narrative. Some scenes include misgendering. 

Role may involve some intimacy.

To be played by an actor who identifies as queer/non-binary/genderqueer/genderfluid 

Any ethnicity

Actor-Musician would be ideal – comfortable with singing

Comfortable with movement would be ideal, but not essential

  • Role 2

Ensemble Member ~ Multiple Roles 

Looking for an actor-musician who is a confident multi-roler, comfortable playing multiple genders and multiple ages, potentially across both timelines (1920s & 2023). Any ethnicity.

Comfortable with movement would be ideal, but not essential


Send your CV/Spotlight and any queries to along with a short explanation of why you’re interested in the project and what you’d bring to the role – please include what instruments you can play and at what level. 300 words max. Deadline 12 April 2024


If selected, you will be invited to a 3 hour workshop audition on either 17th or 18th April in London, with potential recalls during the week of 22nd April on a one-to-one or pairs basis.


6 May to 31 May 2024
London Run:
Get In: 2 June 2024
Tech / Plot : 3 June 2024
Dress and 1st Preview: 4 June
2nd Preview: 5 June 2024
Press night: 6 June 2024
Run: 4 – 22 June 2024 (inc Sat matinees)
Get out: 22 June 2024 (after last show)
Isle of Wight Run:
Get in + Tech + 3 shows: 2 July to 5 July 2024
Get out: 5 July 2024 (after last show)


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