Directors In Practice 2022
The Programme will return in 2023

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One of the only programmes of this type in the country, the StoneCrabs Directors in Practice Programme is an initiative to help directors reach the next stage in their artistic journey. This practical course will give participants (from a variety of backgrounds and experiences) the space and time to examine their practice in detail, as well as gain more experience by directing actors in the rehearsal room and working closely with practitioners at the top of their game.

For the first time ever, the 2022 Directors In Practice programme introduces training for two producers, getting access to mentoring, industry workshops and practical producing alongside the selected directors.

This funded 6-month long programme will continue to be provided free of charge and will take place across Saturday practical sessions to hone the directors’ skills, followed by a platform to showcase them through a festival at Omnibus Theatre, Clapham. This will all be accompanied by Wednesday evening sessions to learn the inner workings of directing a theatre production. Each director will get the opportunity to direct a one-act play of their choosing, with the Saturday sessions covering a range of topics and hosted by industry professionals.

The producers will work with the directors throughout the course of the programme and will be key players in producing the festival at Omnibus Theatre, Clapham. Alongside mentoring for the festival, producers will be given 1-1 sessions with industry professionals and will learn how to produce a theatre production from the ground up.

The programme will return in 2023.


1) Is there an age limit on joining the Directors In Practice Programme?

No. The Directors In Practice Programme was created to facilitate the development of directors and producers in the early stages of their career, at whatever age. We are likely to offer places on our programme to people who can show they are committed to theatre-making (whatever their background) and who we feel will benefit from training.

StoneCrabs Young Directors in Training: Laura Remmler, Artur Assis and Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu

StoneCrabs Young Directors in Training: Laura Remmler, Artur Assis and Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu

2) Are there restrictions on my choice of play?

The idea is that you will be directing this play for a scratch performance as part of an end of programme festival in October 2022. You will only be able to afford to work with 2 or 3 paid actors and it should have a running time of 45 minutes, so consider how this affects your choice of play. You don’t have to select a play now, but it would be good to start thinking about it.

We will help you reach a decision within the first month and half of the Programme.

Our main advice would be to be responsible and realistic in your choice but to remain ambitious and creative. Often limitations encourage the most creative use of resources, so embrace them!

StoneCrabs Young Directors 2021 edition in Training.

3) How do I find a play within these restrictions?

If you’ve got an hour or two to spare, go to a library or bookshop and look through the plays keeping in mind your restrictions – only 45 minutes long and with 2/3 actors. Skim over the script, get a good sense of the play and the issues it deals with, and make a shortlist of plays that interest you. It’s always good to have other ideas and options in case the rights aren’t available, which can be horribly disappointing.

Also, check out Nick Hern Books website here. There’s a clever filter so you can select cast by size. You can also explore plays on StagePlays.

Again, we will help you fine-tune your search and find the right play for you at the start of the programme.


4) What can I expect to learn over the 6 months?

Directors can expect to learn both the artistic and practical tools for directing. The programme encourages an individual approach, utilizing the director’s own vision, with the programme culminating in the production of a festival where you will put on your own short play.

Producers can expect to learn how to put on a theatre production from the ground up, from fundraising to marketing to putting a team together.

The directors and producers on the programme will work as a collective and will encourage each other to work on new skills, embracing the close relationship producers and directors need to make a theatre production successful.

Photos from previous editions of the YD programme.

5) What will I be expected to pay for?

You will need to bring along a notebook and a pen, a packed lunch (or money for lunch) and comfortable clothes. The course does not require any specialist equipment or clothing, just your brain and energy! The funding for the festival itself will come from you fundraising as a group and any sponsorship you manage to secure. It is not expected for you to put your own money into the festival. The course does not require any specialist equipment or clothing, just your brain and energy! The course is free of charge and is over 1 ½ days a week for a reason – we want applicants to not be put off by finances and to still be able to work around the course.

Hattie Coupe and Camilla Gurtler in training with Kwong Loke. Photo by WorkOfArtFilms

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