We are seeking an individual with a finance background to join our Board of Trustees.


About the organisation

StoneCrabs theatre company shines a light on hidden stories and places under-represented voices centre stage. For almost two decades we have been producing form-breaking, socially engaged theatre to the highest standards across the UK and internationally. Since 2006 we have launched the successful creative lives of many young artists from diverse backgrounds through our unique flagship training programme StoneCrabs Young Directors. Our aim is to nourish, to inspire and to challenge.

Funded by the Arts Council England #CultureRocoveryFund #HereForCulture.

To read about our Culture Recovery Fund grant, visit https://stonecrabs.co.uk/hereforculture/


Skills and experience required

StoneCrabs seeks to recruit an individual with a finance background to support the Board in fulfilling its legal duties in all financial matters.  We welcome applications from registered accountants as well as other individuals with significant experience of managing the financial affairs of a small business to contribute to and advise on the organisation’s responsibilities.

We’re looking for a finance professional, preferably with experience in charity and/or the creative industries, who wishes to make a positive contribution to the arts and has the desire and ability to work with our team on the development of our five-year business plan and budgets. Previous experience as a Trustee is useful but not essential.

We would like to hear from applicants who can demonstrate that they have the capability to:

  • Contribute to and/or advise on the company’s financial and regulatory responsibilities and to keep abreast of financial changes in the arts sector.
  • Liaise with and support the Executive Director in his role and as a member of the Executive Team, taking a specific interest in his work relating to global and project-specific budgets, quarterly accounts, end of year accounts and Charity Commission and Companies House accounts filing.
  • Review new initiatives, proposals and projects and communicate their financial consequences to the board.
  • Ensure that accounts are prepared, examined and published in line with law and regulation.
  • Ensure the Board receives appropriate advice to enable it to discharge its functions of ensuring StoneCrabs’ long term business strategy, financial viability and appropriate management of risk.
  • Candidates should have an appropriate qualification and be a member of a relevant professional body and /or significant proven experience in working in finances.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this role, or for more information and enquiries, please email recruitment@stonecrabs.co.uk by 20th March 2021 with your CV and a covering letter setting out why you would like to work with StoneCrabs and the experience you could bring to our Board. 

Inclusion and diversity statement

StoneCrabs is committed to encouraging inclusion, equality and diversity across our governing bodies and workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation by complying with the Equality Act 2010.

We operate in a working environment free of all of the above, where individual differences and the contributions of all committee members and staff are recognised and valued. To do this, we will proactively tackle discrimination and disadvantage and ensure that no individual or group is directly or indirectly discriminated against for any reason.

We expect all Trustees, employees, associates and volunteers to champion and live our values through their work with us at every opportunity.