Our 2016 Young Directors were Chris Davis, Luke Howarth, Beth Kapila, Sam Luffman, Fernanda Mandagara, Emily Marshall, Francine Morgan, Alex Prescott and Edwina Strobl. Together they formed the Stomping Ground Collective and produced an eclectic 3 night festival at the Albany, Deptford in March 2017.


Chris Davis directed ‘Passing By’ by Martin Sherman


Luke Howarth directed ‘Captain Amazing’ by Alistair McDowall

Beth Kapila directed ‘Wasted’ by Kate Tempest


Sam Luffman directs ‘After Liverpool’ by James Saunders


Fernanda Mandagará directed ‘The End Of All Miracles’ by Paulo Santoro


Emily Marshall directed ‘Counting Stars’ by Atiha Sen Gupta


Francine Morgan directed ‘The Shawl’ by David Mamet


Alex Prescot directed ‘The Open Couple’ by Dario Fo


Edwina Strobl directed ‘Boxman’ by Daniel Keene



‘Stomping Ground’ was diverse and dynamic three-night festival exploring the human experience from all angles through the reimagining of 9 short plays. Expect an eclectic mix of storytelling, snapshots from around the world of shared experiences old and new, and untold secrets exposed.


The project was supported by Lewisham Arts, LondonSchool Trust, Chapman Trust, Foyles Foundation, Greggs Foundation, William Boreman Trust, Edith Ellis Trust, Phillip Bates Trust and Jack Petchey Foundation.