StoneCrabs Theatre is looking for actors for Play-ground Scratch Festival.

The scratch plays will be performed at the Albany Studio Theatre in Deptford over three evenings (27th, 28th February and 1st March).   The Festival is part of StoneCrabs Young Directors Theatre Training Programme.

FEE: Is Equity Fringe Minimum for 5 days rehearsal and 1 days tech and performance 

To apply: please send an email to the director of the play you would like to be considered for (supplied with the breakdown below). Performers are welcome to apply for more than one production. 

Tell us:  which role you would like to be considered for, your mobile number, Photo and CV/Spotlight Link.

 Deadline for applications is: 12pm, Sunday 12th January 2014

For the Casting Breakdown click on the link below


Directed by Camilla Gürtler .To apply please contact

Olivia (Female, 20 – 30) – Mid 20s. British (any accent). Feisty, independent, strong woman but with a soft and sweet appearance. Speaks her mind and wants to matter. Emotional, involved in the world and people. 

Arthur (Male, 20 – 30) – Mid 20s. British (any accent). Casual, earthy/arty type. Not a city boy. Introvert, but cool. Wants an easy, quiet life. A bit oblivious to what’s going on around him. Sensitive at heart, a “thinker”. Not a “doer”. 

Reiver (Male, 20 – 30) – Mid 20s. British (any accent). Awkward, kind of goofy. Not the brightest guy but has a good heart. Not good with girls, boyish but in a nerdy, childish way. Very eager to impress, takes things literally.

Casting: Friday 17th January 2014 Rehearsal dates: 18/2, 19/2, 20/2, 25/2, 26/2 10-6pm

Performance: 27/2


Directed by Katharina Reinthaller. To apply please contact 


Early-mid twenties, white, slim figure, seemingly innocent and naive, average college girl but rooted in her Mormon belief, ambitious, sociable, chatty.

John: Early-mid twenties, white, tall, well built, sporty, high values and morals, strong faith in Mormon religion, nice boy but can completely switch – latent violence and rage, driven by his beliefs and principles, protective. 

Accents need to be 100% authentic as play is written in AE, Native American actors preferred, experience in physical theatre welcome

Casting: Thursday 16th January   Rehearsals: 20th– 26th February (10am-6pm)  Performance: Thursday 27th of February



Directed by Mariana Pereira. To apply please contact

PACO – Man in his mid 20’s/early 30’s Cocky, light-spirited, provocative, good sense of humour, street-wise personality

TONHO – Man in his mid 20’s/early 30’s, Family person, hard working, determined, lonely, edgy (close to having a nervous break down)

Casting: Monday 13th (2:30pm – 8pm) Tuesday 14th (10am – 5pm)  

Rehearsals :11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 21st Feb (9am – 5pm)

Performance: 28th Feb 


Directed by Lynette Linton. To apply please contact


Marie 25-30 years, soft northern. Any ethnicity.

Marie has spent time in prison, and only got out a few months ago. She lives by herself in a studio apartment in London. She is angry and opinionated.  Maria is trying to find herself again since she left prison.  

Lorraine 45-50 years, London accent. Any ethnicity.  

Lorraine has just got out of prison after twelve years. She used to share a cell with Marie while she was there. She is strong, determined, maternal, and a joker. She is very attached to Marie.

Casting: Monday 13th January Rehearsals: 18-21st  February at Theatre Royal Stratford East  (10-6 pm)

26th February at Theatre Royal Stratford East  (10-6pm)

Tech: 28th February  Show: 28th February 


THIRST by Eugene O’Neil

Directed by Jude Evans. To apply please contact

THE DANCER A young woman in her late teens/early twenties. A dancer. Assertive, fiery, feminine quality. Returning to New York. At least basic dance skills. American accent (general or slight New York).

THE GENTLEMAN A white man around middle-age (35-50). A gentleman from the ship’s first-class who has spent years working overseas. Returning home to the USA. Hard worker, earnest, uncertain. American accent (general).

THE SAILOR Actor with playing age 25-35. A sailor who hums/sings a repetitive tune. Solitary, focussed, lives on the edge. West Indian, Black or Mixed Race. Light accent.

ALL – Willingness and ability to engage in movement-based activity. Good comic timing. The accents mentioned need not be 100% authentic.

Casting: Wednesday 15th January Rehearsals: 10/2/2014,14/2/2014,17/2/2014,19/2/2014,25/2/2014

Performance: 27th Febraury


Luna Park by Donald Margulies

Directed by Hattie Coupe. To apply please contact

Rose – Versatile actress who can play a range of ages: young Rose: 20 years old – slim build. Young, fruitful, optimistic/ Old Rose 42 years old. Tired, struggling financially and emotionally.

Delmore. – Male aged 21.  Damaged by his parents’ turbulent divorce and father’s absence. Academic and bookish. Multi-roles as his own grandfather, the man walking a dog, the man feeding the pigeons, the waiter, and various other intrusive characters. 

Harry –  Male, mid-twenties.

Confident and charismatic – bit of a showman. Overarching aim is to have a neat and tidy life: fruitful career and cereal packet family. His eagerness for stability means he pursues a marriage for the wrong reasons and it inevitably falls apart.

Casting: Tuesday 14th January  Rehearsals: 10th, 12th , 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 24th, 26th (5 hours)

Performance: Sat 1st March 


THE MAN WHO by Peter Brook

Directed by Ellie Chadwick. To apply please contact 

Three actors (male or female) aged 20-50 to play a variety of roles – both doctor and patient – in Peter Brook’s ‘The Man Who’. Characters include patients with Tourette’s syndrome, loss of proprioception, visual agnosia and memory loss.

Skills in mime and physical theatre are desirable.

Casting: Friday 17th January 2013

Rehearsals: 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 26th February (afternoons)

Performance: Friday 28th February 

BAD BLOOD BLUES by Paul Sirett

Directed by Anthony Nyagah. The apply please contact

Clare: Late 30’s – 40’s British, Caucasian Female. Senior Research Academic running a drugs trial in Africa

Patrice: Mid 20’s. African. Good Looking. A student working in administration at the hospital where the drugs trial is taking place. Of good physique.

Casting: TBC   Rehearsal: TBC  Performance: Sat 1st March 



Directed by Emma Dennis-Edwards. To apply please contact

NIGHTINGALE, Male, 35-50 years old, any ethnicity, working class, hardworking man. Comes from a difficult background but is making the best of his situation.  I would be interested in hearing from performers with regional accents.

CHASE, Female, 20-25, any ethnicity, has just come out prison. Has a tough exterior but is a vulnerable character. Has a child.  I would be interested in hearing from performers with regional accents.

Casting: Wednesday 15th January  Rehearsals: Mon 17th– Wed 19th Feb, Thu 27th-Friday 28th Feb (10-6pm)

Performance: Sat 1st March 

The programme is supported by    albany rgb   Regents University and  lewish square rgb small

StoneCrabs Young Directors Festival has been now running since 2005