What does theatre mean to you?

For me theatre is a tool that can be used to examine and question the systems that govern us; to inspire and encourage the audience to rethink and reposition the lens through which they view the world. It can be a magnify glass, that lets the audience into a community they would not usually enter. It can be a brush that paints an entirely new reality. It is a shared experience. It is human and humanity. It is an open hand which pulls you, guides you, urges you, pushes you into understanding, into laughter, sometimes into boredom and sometimes to tears. It is a beautiful catalyst through which to discuss anything and everything.

Why did you want to become a director?

Because I bloody love it. Making theatre engages my brain, my body, and my heart. I believe in the power of performance and it is this belief that drives me. I want to use it to do my part in making the world a better place and in return it makes me incredibly happy.

Who’s a director you aspire to be like?

Emma Bernard – She gave me my first job as an assistant director after university. We worked together 100% Norfolk on the Norfolk and Norwich festival and we have continued to work together ever since. She is incredibly talented and exceedingly generous. The thing that I aspire to emulate most is Emma’s ability to tease out the humane in each performance. Her work throbs with honesty, empathy and all things that make us human including the good the bad and the ugly, but somehow making it all understatedly beautiful.

Tell us about yourself in 20 words.

Optimist, over-sharer, feminist, runner, loving, family, friends, avocados, winter, strong, angry, understanding, generous, full of faults and better for them.

What’s your favourite “Knock Knock” joke?

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Soup who?

Probably the worst knock knock joke you have heard right. My oldest friend made it up when she was about five she still tells it, and it cracks her up every time. It’s important we at least find ourselves funny!

Favourite thing about home?
My family are there.

What do you hope for the future?
Revolution. Equality. The downfall of the corrupt capitalist system that governs and divides us. UNITED WE CONQUER DIVIDED WE FALL! Failing that it would be great if we were just all a bit more loving towards one another.