I am a Cambridge history graduate living in London and spending my time avidly consuming as much theatre as possible. As a director I put storytelling at the forefront of my work. I especially enjoy contemporary texts which tackle socio-political issues head on, and challenge the audience to truly engage with the piece. Movement work is a vital part of my approach to rehearsals and my work often includes elements of ‘physical theatre’ ( when is theatre not physical?!).
I am directing Sam Shepard’s Red Cross. Written in 1966 this little known gem is a surreal romp through the world of wild swimming, pubic lice and sexual frustration. I cannot wait to get into the rehearsal room and put this dynamic, rich text on its feet.

Tell us about yourself in 20 words.
– Upbeat twenty-two year old feminist whose perfect evening involves a whisky, Strictly Come Dancing, a hot water bottle and bed.

What’s your favourite play you’ve seen recently?
John at the National. It brought me to tears by the end. It tackled myriad ‘heavy’ issues with a light touch which invited the audience warmly into the characters’ world. Thank God for Quentin Letts, who I’m sure boosted ticket sales nicely!

What does theatre mean to you?
Getting strangers shoulder to shoulder and giving them permission to laugh, cry, feel a bit sick and leave talking about it.

Jay Z or Beyonce?
Beyonce all the way.

Favourite thing about home?
A full fridge and an endless horizon – I hail from Norfolk.