Sigvi Johansen is from the Czech Republic.

What theatre means to you?
Everything. It is a passion that overthrows life.

What’s your favourite theme of your play?
What I love about Haunting Julia is that touched so many important topics it makes it almost impossible to pick just one, however one topic appears to me exceedingly appealing, this is fragility of people: to explore how little it takes to be damaged inside, broken into pieces, and how much it takes to be healed again if – and that’s the important question – if it is even possible to be fully recovered.

Tea or coffer?
It’s either tea or nothing.

Tell us about your play in 3 sentences.
Gripping. Heart-stopping. Not to be missed.

What do you hope for future?
To be successful by definition of Ralph Waldo Emerson: To win the respect of intelligent people