Caitlin in 20 years old, and from Lancashire. She’s currently studying Comparative Literature at Queen Mary University.

What’s your favourite theme of your play?
My favourite theme is the idea of “what if’s?” The idea that the path of life is so delicate and can be changed so easily really intrigues me.

What does theatre mean to you?
To me, theatre is something that unites people. I always feel really close to someone after I’ve seen a good play with them, because I feel like we’ve shared an experience.

What’s your favourite dinosaur?
Velociraptor. Small but deadly.

Why did you want to become a director?
I actually wanted to go into acting for a very long time, but was terrified at the prospect of going through however many years of drama school auditions. I tried some directing and felt more comfortable doing it then I’d ever felt acting.

How did you find out about Stonecrabs?
I find out about Stonecrabs through National Youth Theatre, who post opportunities on their members pages for all sorts of incredible things.

What’s your favourite play you’ve seen recently?
I saw The Collector at The Arcola Theatre a few weeks ago and thought it was incredible what just three actors with three stools could create.

How do you feel that your background influences your take on theatre?
Massively. I’m originally from Lancashire, and I feel like because of the town that I lived in being on such a small scale, it means that I like to hear the intimate bits of stories.

Who’s a director you aspire to be like?
I absolutely adore Sarah Frankcom, the artistic director at The Royal Exchange in Manchester.

What’s your favourite funny story?
My mum’s story of how she once slept in a telephone box in London because my Dad forgot to book a hotel.

What do you hope for the future?
To be happy.

What are you up to at the minute?
I’m currently at Queen Mary University of London, writing essays about feminism, drinking mulled wine and attempting to get involved with any and every opportunity I get my hands on.

Tell us about yourself in 20 words.
Short(ish). Northern. Feminist. Curly haired. Enthusiastic. Lover of puns. Music and friends orientated. Big on books. Country raised, city bound.

Do any of the characters in the play remind you of someone you know?
Leonard reminds me of someone that I used to know a while ago.

What’s a current topic you feel very strongly about?
Ferguson and Mike Brown.

What’s your favourite colour?
The bluey pink of an early morning sunrise.

What sort of films do you like?
The Grand Budapest Hotel, Her, Little Miss Sunshine, Factory Girl, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life in one room but all the food you could ever eat, or be able to go anywhere but never eat again?
As much as I love food, the ability to go anywhere would be my favourite thing.

What’s your favourite “Knock Knock” joke?
“You start.” The reactions on people’s faces is hilarious

Dogs or cats?
Dogs. All the dogs.

How do you start with a text?
I like to speak it aloud with different people and see how each person changes the way they say the lines.

Jay Z or Beyonce?
Beyonce is queen.

Favourite thing about home?
I kind of have two homes now that I’ve moved to uni, so I guess my favourite thing about my uni home is the 2am chats with my friends in the kitchen, and my favourite thing about going back up north is seeing all my family together (I have three older brothers, so it’s often hard to collect us all into one room)

Tea or coffee?
Tea, mainly for the variety.

What’s your drink?
Southern Comfort and cranberry juice.