Time to Act, to Speak, to Create, Time to Engage with our Community

Time to Act was a community development project that spanned over 6 months involving different communities in Lewisham. StoneCrabs worked in collaboration with Lewisham Time Bank Project Coordinator to develop and run a series of drama based workshops to be delivered to residents of Milton Court Estate.

Time to Act

Its main objective was to stimulate and engage the residents of Milton Court estate in a process of community building. It was a site specific project, tailored to the concerns of the Milton Court community. The workshops provided members with a safe space to meet and engage in discussions on multiculturalism and the development of positive attitudes in the process of building a more tolerant, peaceful and respectful community.

The end of the project was celebrated with a community fun day held at the Woodpecker Centre on the Milton Court Estate in Deptford. As a result of the project local residents were inspired to join forces to create their own Residents’ Association.