StoneCrabs Theatre is proud to announce that two new Associate Producers are joining our team; Georgia Newman and Daniela Cristo Mantilla!

Georgia Newman has joined us as an Isle of Wight Associate Producer. Georgia is a Cultural Consultant and Creative Producer living and working on the Isle of Wight. For over 13 years she worked for the Island’s leading art centre as their Visual Arts Manager and for over 10 years has been working independently within the cultural sector on fundraising, community engagement, arts commissioning, strategic development and project management.

She is passionate about connecting communities with contemporary arts and cultural activities, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience great arts and culture on their doorstep. She founded and manages the Isle of Wight Creative Network – a unique programme designed to help creatives and artists on the Island develop their practice and thrive by offering learning opportunities, resources and networking. She has also worked as a producer for the award-winning UK show BANE, which toured globally gaining success in Australia, India, Italy, US, and Brazil. Georgia says:

“I’m thrilled to be working as part of StoneCrabs’ Creative Team, ensuring the brilliant work they do continues and grows to support the sector here on the Isle of Wight. They are constantly challenging the status quo, forming alliances and producing meaningful productions and programmes which can be transformative to peoples lives.”

Daniela Cristo Mantilla joins us as a London Associate Producer. Daniela is a Colombian theatre maker, deviser and creative producer with international work experience. She is passionate about cross-cultural projects, dark comedy and re-defining gender relationships. Her play The Dragoness – an absurd comedy exploring sexuality – has just received ACE funding to carry out a first R&D. Some of her recent stage credits include Hanal Pixan (Itzatna Arts Collective), and Migran-te (Xacara Culture). Her work as a theatre maker has been commissioned and supported by Casa Festival and Popelei Theatre.

As a creative producer, she directs Voces Globales, the Colombian branch of Global Voices Theatre. They platform arts from the regions of Colombia and build cultural bridges between Latin America and the UK. In this role, she has directed month-long festivals and several cultural events. In the UK she works with Untold Collective for the representation of Latin American creatives, and has co-produced three versions of the successful festival Latinx Scratch. She says:

“StoneCrabs is such a dynamic, strong and welcoming company, so I could not be happier about formally joining their team. The work they do always has something to say, it’s work that needs to be made. Besides, the freelance agreement is ideal. There should be more opportunities like this one out there for freelancers and artists who have various jobs and occupations.”