Woman at Work – Feminine Voice was an Art-Drama Installation Inquiry specially developed to celebrate Lewisham’s International Women’s Week Festival – Giving Women a Voice.

Today, women have power, equal rights and a voice. The subject proved to be much more complex.

Women at Work

Tereza Araujo – Lewisham based award winning artist and renowned Brazilian performer; specialist in community theatre said: ‘What we need to explore is what is the real meaning of having a voice, power and equal rights in our society. Women have a voice and are given power to stand up, but is it really valued?’

The aim of the project was to stimulate women’s expression and freedom of creativity with visual art and drama and focus their creativity in creating value for themselves and others. The art installation resulting from the 2-day workshop was also a celebration and the people coming to see it were asked to reassess their own values and their responsibility towards themselves and their community.