Women of All Ages was a project of Cross-Generational Drama Workshops for women of all ages culminating with a week of exhibitions, music and drama performances.

On March 8th, 2008 StoneCrabs Theatre in collaboration with The Albany and many Lewisham Community Groups launched the project Women of All Ages. An evening of theatre, poetry, music and the unveiling of a community art installation marked the opening of Lewisham International Women’s Week Festival.

Women of All Ages, 2008

The Cross-Generational workshops were led by Tereza Araujo and Julia Evangelista involving many women from various local community groups, such as DAGE (Deptford Action Group for the Elderly), Lewisham Refugee Network (ESOL), Lewisham Vietnamese Woman Association. These were the focus driving the launch for the Opening Celebration for the International Women’s Week.

The project consisted of ten workshops utilising Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and games, storytelling, visual arts and music to explore issues such as personal safety, health, education, leisure, politics, contribution to community, the feminine view about the community, what is to lead a responsible and value creating role within the community. The Evening Launch featured local guest artists in story telling, music making and poetry recitals: Footprint Project, Caratinga and Inspired Word.

‘The transformation of the performance work into a visual installation presented us with an over layer of possibilities of expression. Women’s valuable but silent and invisible work was portrayed involving all the senses, generations, and it was relational to the community as well as inclusive of men (issues and images).’

South London Press.